The Budget Cremation package includes:

  • Taking instructions from you over the phone.

  • The cremation will take place between Monday to Friday at a time suitable to the crematorium.

  • We will transfer the person who has died between Monday to Friday during business hours, 8.30am to 5.00pm
    if we have to transfer a person after hours or on weekends there would be an extra $370.00 charge.

  • The deceased will be placed into Refrigeration until the cremation is carried out.

  • Organising all legal forms which are required under New Zealand Law to permit the cremation to occur.

  • We will register the death with Births, Deaths, and Marriages on the day of cremation.

  • We will arrange a copy of the registered death certificate to be posted to you by Births, Deaths and Marriages.

  • A simple cremation casket will be provided.

  • Transportation of the person who has died to the crematorium.

  • Cremation fee.

  • A simple urn will be provided from the crematorium.

  • We will notify you when the ashes are available to collect, in some circumstances we will deliver these to you.

Total cost: $1,888.00

Additional charges could apply for

  • Doctors’ fees – The Doctor would have a fee for filling out the cremation form, this would occur if the person died at home, a nursing home, or at a retirement village. Every doctor charges a different amount but we will advise you what the doctor's charges will be.

  • Please note – There is no doctor’s fee if someone died in a public hospital, at Te Omanga, Mary Potter Hospices, or if the death is sudden and the Coroner provides the required cremation papers. We will advise you of any costs prior to the cremation taking place.

  • If the person who has died needs to be collected from the place of death outside of Monday to Friday 8:30am-5:00pm an extra charge of $370.00 GST Inclusive will be incurred.

  • Providing an oversized coffin if required – We will advise you of the cost before the cremation takes place.

  • A special urn may be selected if you wish to upgrade from the urn the crematorium provides.

How to pay

  • We accept payments by bank transfer.

  • If a credit card is being used it will attract an extra 2.3% to the final account.

  • Payment for the Budget Cremation must be paid in full prior to the cremation being carried out.