Budget Cremations offers a cremation only service in the Wellington, Hutt Valley, Porirua and Kapiti regions.

Our goal is to offer a cremation service for those who are operating on a small budget. We carry out our services with the dignity you would expect from a cremation provider.

The Budget Cremation is a 'direct cremation' service which means we arrange for the cremation to occur in the simplest way possible.

We do not do funeral services. We do not offer embalming services or the ability for a viewing to occur.

Why should you choose a Budget Cremation?

For some families who do not wish to hold a funeral service, but rather just arrange a cremation and keep things as simple as possible we believe an affordable option should be available to you.

We understand that keeping costs to a minimum is important for some people and this service is designed to do exactly that. Our Budget Cremation cost is $1888.00.

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